Saying Goodbye to Korea

3/11/20232 min read

As a Roman philosopher once said "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". With this in mind, I will use this space to showcase how we are saying goodbye to Korea before our repatriation to Canada.

Hanyang University ERICA campus

Monday, March 27th

One of the things I will miss most about living in Korea, and more specifically Ansan, the city where I live, is the well-maintained, easily-accessible, and family-friendly bike paths, green spaces and waterways that crisscross the city.

There is a stream right near our place that has a footpath on one side and a bike path on the other that I use almost every weekday to get to work, which is either a leisurely 15-minute bike ride, or 30-minute walk. There is also a bit of wildlife that live in the stream, including fish, ducks, and even cranes - the official bird of the city.

From time to time, we use this bike path as a family to go to a huge park not too far from us called Lake Park. The park has a playground, walking paths, sports fields, a rollerblade surface, an outdoor concert stage, lots of trees, bushes and flowers, and yes, its namesake, a lake. Not too far from the park is a public library, and a busy restaurant, bar, and shopping area.

All of this makes the amenities of the area where I live pleasantly accessible on foot or by bicycle. I'm going to miss that!